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Here at Flair Inc. we aim to give you the best quality drinks which means we need to use the best possible ingredients. That’s why we scour the globe to find our favorite products and once we have tried and tested them, only then do they get used in our cocktails.

Please feel free to take a look at our preferred chosen brands. The Spirits and liqueurs we have specifically chosen to be used in our Cocktails.


Volare are a range of Italian Cocktail Liqueurs That are Full of Vibrant Flavours and colors. Hailing from a small town called Asiago in the Veneto Prealps in 1868. Started by a young Pharmacist called Giovan Battista Rossi as he prepared elixirs for holiday makers winning awards in the process including the Grand Prix de Paris in 1904 with ultimately led to him opening the Distillieria Rossi in Asiago, The Highest Distillery in Europe. 100 years later, the Dal Toso Family took over this production heritage along with the brand, creating the Antiche Distillerie Riunite and continue to distinguish the Volare Brand to this day with its quality, unique and surprising Flavour.




Since 1938, Stoli® has held the bar high for quality vodka, combining      innovation, creativity, and daring with century-old traditions to create something both refreshingly modern and exceptionally classic. It’s the kind of belief that turns ideas into icons.

We don’t leave our relentless focus on quality to anyone else—from the grain fields, to the distillery, the bottling, and the marketing—there’s no room for maybe.

Whether in a martini for James Bond, straight-up by the ladies of Ab Fab, or venturing into space, Stoli® is about bringing uncompromising clarity and quality to the world.

It’s for those who know their vodka, and themselves even better.




The Number 1 Selling Gin in Spain and Continental Europe, as well as the top 10 best selling Gins in the international market, and rightly so.

This Gin is a wonderful blend of Botanicals including lemon, orange and Juniper. WE love using this gin at flair inc as it really brings out the other flavours in our Gin Cocktails. Our Larios Gin Bramble is simply delightful and a real top seller.







Admiral’s Old J Rum is a real favourite of ours. The have a number of blue ads including Silver, Spiced, Dark Spiced, Gold Spiced and Chewy Spiced Rums.

Blended with Persian Lime and a healthy amount of vanilla. These run are delightfully sweet with a nice kick. And really compliment our daiquiris and Mojito’s. You’ll be hard pressed to find a rum cocktail on our men u that doesn’t enhance the flavour of this already beautiful Rum.




ODK Quite Literally produce the finest quality purees, syrups and mixers. We absolutely love these guys, as they are full flavoured and produce great colours in all of the cocktails. They only use the highest quality Italian ingredients and their entire range are Gluten free.

A product made by bartenders, for b bartenders, which is no wonder why they are so good. Believe us, once you’ve had a strawberry daiquiri with ODK Strawberry Puree, no other Daiquiri will come close.





AquaRiva® Blanco is a highlands premium tequila made from 100% Blue Weber agave, developed specifically for bartenders to ensure perfect tasting cocktails every time. Bartenders choose AquaRiva® Tequila as they know the best ingredients make the best cocktails. This is why AquaRiva® Tequila sources its premium 8 year old Agaves and pure spring water from the volcanic highlands of Jalisco Mexico.  Slow cooking in Autoclave ovens, double distilled and rested for 2-3 weeks before bottling. USA 750ml 40% Alc.Vol.(80% proof) USA ; Europe 700ml 38% ABV

Tasting notes: AquaRiva® Blanco Tequila has a flash of sweet citrus fruit, a hint of white pepper, extremely smooth with a light fiery tingle on the tongue. This fresh, divine and youthful Blanco Tequila is a hugely popular sipping tequila and perfect in Margaritas.